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Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is a popular branch of Vedic astrology. The Lal Kitab presents a new style of horoscope analysis. It is an astrology system based on karmic debts and planetary placements. Basically, Lal Kitab is an assortment of five books written during the period of 1939-1952. 

The lal Kitab Jyotish is known for its simple remedies that are easy to perform and involve no significant cost. The lal Kitab remedies are as simple as feeding animals on certain days, throwing something in the water, or giving a different kind of donations. 

What is Lal Kitab?

Lal Kitab is an astrology book featuring a compilation of several concepts, theories, and remedial measures. The Lal Kitab remedies are held effective in solving the day-to-day problems of common people. The book is published in Urdu and has no punctuation or sound element. In Lal Kitab, the astrological calculations are based on the exact location of each plant in each house. The planets hold prominence as given in Vedic astrology. One of the appreciable features of Lal Kitab is that the measures mentioned in it do not require you to invest time and money in performing any kind of tantras or mantras.


How does Lal Kitab work?

Lal Kitab is a compilation of astrological and palmistry concepts. It works on the principles of both palmistry and astrology. Similar to the natural zodiac wherein we have twelve planets, as per palmistry, our palm is also segregated into 12 parts. Each planet in astrology is provided a specific shape. If any of these shapes show up on your hand then it is said to control the particular house of your birth chart. As such, there are nine planets and twelve houses presented in lal Kitab Janam kundalis. Thus, the astrological chart combines the elements of both planetary existence and palmistry. However, it is worth noting that 12 Zodiac signs have no significance in the chart.

Lal Kitab Remedies 

Lal Kitab Jyotish remedies start with finding out the malefic planets propagating ill effects. The predictions of Lal Kitab are stated to be infallible. They can be executed easily without harming anyone or anybody. The remedies act as a shielding defense against the evils occurring due to planets. The effect of these solutions helps you get immediate results. Moreover, the renowned astrologers believe that the Lal Kitab remedies are apt for solving issues in Kaliyuga. They mitigate the effect of the Karmic burden and bring fortune to individuals. 

Well, it is important to note that if not studied or performed properly the Lal Kitab remedies can also bring ill-effects. Therefore, remember to always consult an experienced astrologer for Lal Kitab remedies and Lal Kitab Janam kundali. Also, be cautious while performing these remedies. If you notice any opposite effect it is better to stop performing them.


Precautions to be taken while performing Laal Kitab remedies

  • You can commence any lal Kitab remedy at any time. However, it is important to perform remedies for a continuous period of 43 days. If you fail to do so due to some reason then make sure to discontinue it and start it afresh after an interval of one or two days. The inability to perform prescribed remedies continuously for 43 days will make no difference.
  • Perform one remedy at a time. Unless you complete one remedy do not start with another one. Additionally, you can perform a single remedy in a single day.
  • All Lal Kitab remedies should be performed during the day time in the presence of the sun. If observed before dawn or after sunset there is a risk of loss.
  • Always consult an experienced Lal Kitab astrologer with proven results. This is because if your astrologer is not well-acquainted and is not capable to guide you in the right order then you might not get the desired results. If the remedies aren’t performed as mentioned in the book then there is a possibility of serious harm. Hence, it is imperative to focus on using the right methods to perform remedies.
  • The concepts of Varsha Kundli are very different from Vedic Varsha Kundli. So if you want to perform Lal Kitab remedies, make sure to first get your Lal Kitab Janam Kundli examined. Executing Lal Kitab remedies on the basis of a Vedic horoscope is not recommended as they may result in losses.
  • Implement remedies in accordance with the instructions mentioned in the book. Attempting to modify them may have a negative impact.
  • Lal Kitab remedies need time and patience to gain a complete understanding. Therefore, it is recommended to perform remedies only after you know about the logic and essence behind each remedy.  

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