Padmawati Stone

Padmawati stone is one unique gem that offers a host of solutions to the wearer. As astrologers, we believe that gems offer an auspicious solution to curb the negativities in one’s life while emphasizing positivity.

While there are gems that cater to curbing a distinct issue in an individual’s life, there is rarely a single stone that can take care of multiple problems. Padmawati gemstone is one such stone that can cure a range of issues that you are facing in your life.

What Is Padmawati Stone?

In recent years Padmawati gem has become a centre of attention for many. It is quite an alluring stone as and often considered to be a magical stone as it changes color under the light by itself.

Padmawati Stone is a powerful stone that has been researched and well-developed in the laboratories. Despite not being a natural stone, it offers a host of benefits to the wearer. 

How Does Padmawati Stone Help?

It can be challenging to understand how it helps. Before you buy Padmawati Stone in Delhi, consider this scenario.

 You are going to invest someone in a project, and you are still unsure whether to invest or not. If you wear the stone and when you reach the place of investment, if the stone stays green or somewhat similar to a greenish color, you have positive energy. This indicates you can invest, whereas if the stone color changes to blue, the sign is of negativity; hence it can be a bad investment. With a stone-like Padmawati, you can always make the right decision before taking a major step in your life.

The stone has been developed taking the scientific aspects of astrology in which the positive and negative energy of the environment is taken into account to showcase how it influences the stone and thereby a person. 

The stone is found in green color, which is its natural color. When put under light, the color starts changing.  You can use the gem to thwart many issues in life. Buying Padmawati stone in India, you will witness the colors can vary from Green to the following colors:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Green
  • purple
  • Violet
  • Brown
  • Wine
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

Dark blue almost on the verge of black is the color that it should make the wearer aware of. 

Padmawati as a stone is unique since it indicates the energy that is around and within the wearer. The Green represents positive energy while dark blue is negative energy. 

Benefits of Padmawati Stone

Astrologers and others who recommend the gem and even those who have worn it states that Padmawati stone benefits are immense.

Some of the following are its benefits:

  • Can protect you from the evil eye
  • Those who suffer from Shani or the position of Saturn in their horoscope can wear it to impede its negative energy
  • Can help investors with their investment 
  • Can thwart jealousy of others
  • Even make lazy people get proactive
  • People suffering from the effects of Rahu can benefit from wearing it too. 

What Is The Padmawati Stone Price In India?

The stone comes in multiple carats and therefore depending on the carat and the size of the Padmawati stone price in Delhi changes. For example:

  • Small: 10.25 carat price is Rs 6,800
  • Medium: 14.25 Carat price is Rs 7,600
  • Large: 24.25 Carat price is Rs 11,000
  • Magnetic: 2,500 extra

At Astro Singh we offer the best Padmawati stone price in India, and it comes with a guarantee card when you purchase it from us. 

To know more on how Padmawati stone can help you with your life, contact us. Anyone can wear it to lead a better life with the help of this unique gem.